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UK Scouts WS2008 outdoor festival

The UK's scout movement is one of the freshest and most innovative young-people's organisations in the world.

scout event

The Outdoor Stages UK team have had the pleasure of working with the organisation on many events over the last three years including their jamborees and large gang shows.


The Brief

2008 brought on the massive WS2008 outdoor festival for which Outdoor Stages UK were approached to provide outdoor stage hire services, sound, lighting, and technical support for the main outdoor stages and a smaller indoor stage area.

scout event

As the scouts are a innovative and open-minded client, the show was an opportunity for the Outdoor Stages UK team to try some new lighting and outdoor staging concepts.


Despite the exciting new technology available to lighting designers at present, many lighting system tend to look very "samey".

The Outdoor Stages UK team aspire to create exciting and original concepts with both conventional and the latest equipment.


As such a large lighting system was provided with a large quantity of LED battens.

Around 30 battens were used for colour-chaning back-light and crowd blinding effects. The battens were rigged throughout the stage as well as additional IP- rated units used on the PA wings.



Outdoor Stages UK worked alongside Andy Hook from Shock Solutions ( who provided a Jands Vista lighting desk and some additional moving lights, including a stunning moving head laser.

Andy's quality programming made a huge impact on the overall quality of the event.

To create a more imposing appearance of the outdoor staging system, additional trilite ground supports were provided either side of the stage.


Project Manager: Adrian Cottle
Production Manager: Alex Thompson
Lighting Programming and provision of additional kit: Andy Hook
Sound Engineer: Alex Thompson
Sound Assistant: Ben Virgo
Lighting Rig Design: Alex Thompson, Adrian Cottle & Andy Hook
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