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laser light show

A LASER is still the most exciting effect for dance floors.

laser display



Party Piece

One of our prized pieces of equipment is a 600mW DPSS Green LASER system.

This system is powerful enough to cover dance floors with up to 200 people with an impressive array of effects. Everything from a liquid skies to time tunnels can be created.

We guarantee that our system will impress and we can usually offer it as part of a package at a fraction of the price of specialist LASER suppliers.



laser displays



One major concern about using LASERs at events is the safety factor. Just because James Bond has some close calls with them does not mean that they are lethal.

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In fact, there has never been a single reported injury from entertainment LASER use.

Risks have been associated with solid-beam laser use (something that should never be done in a public place) the use of LASERS with correct operation and supervision is absolutely safe.

We have the skills and insurance to operate our LASER system in pubic places and are always happy to contact local authorities to ensure they are satisfied with our safety measures.


Our laser is powered by a Laser Science "Entertainer" 600mW head and driven by a Laser DMX board with 8k scanner set.




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