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outdoor Rigging is the process and equipment for creating structures that allow for hanging or installing for decorative purposes.

Outdoor Stages UK take a unique approach to outdoor rigging that maintains our core values of Safety, Aesthetics and fulfilling Client Briefs.

We have worked in most major UK venues and have erected a wide range of construction.

outdoor rigging build pic 2

This includes everything from simple lighting trusses in marquees to self-climbing ground supports to large-scale custom constructions for circus performances.

Whatever you want to hang, and whatever venue it is in, please get in contact to chat.


outdoor rigging Build Animation

outdoor rigging animation build


outdoor rigging Equipment

To respond to any brief, we have a large range of outdoor rigging gear, this includes:
- Small tri-angle truss
- Medium Box Truss
- Large Box Truss
- All corners and Dados for above
- Motor Hoists
- Slings, Shackles, Rackets and Steels
- Chain Hoists
- Water Ballasts (IBC)
- Screw Jacks
- Scaffold and all adapters


outdoor staging examples



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