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outdoor staging

Whatever the event, inside or outside, we will put you or your client on the perfect stage.

outdoor staging for wedding



Many providers view building stages as an industrial process and don't care much for aesthetics.

As set-building and venue dressing is a major part of our operation we will make your stage look right for the event, as well as fulfil the brief.

With summer looming you may be at this page in hope of finding an outdoor stage. We provide this in-house and details can be found here.

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steel deck



High Quality Hardware

We carry industry standard Steeldeck outdoor staging which enables us to create stages of all heights and sizes.

From catwalks, to car launches, to weddings, our outdoor staging is incredibly versatile.


Indoor Or Outdoor

We can provide a full range of outdoor staging solutions. You may have a simple requirement for a small platform or the need for a complex multi-tier stage with various handrails, ramps and risers.

outdoor staging for wedding


With a large stock of steeldeck outdoor staging, rigging, and ancillaries we can provide almost any construction big or small, indoor or outdoor.


outdoor staging



We offer dressings such as carpeting and valances to suit different applications but as a minimum the outdoor staging is always freshly painted on site to ensure the stage will always look its best for your event.

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outdoor staging examples