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stage lighting

Stage Lighting is often the visual centrepiece of live-music or other performance-based events.

Stage Lighting

It can also be for purely functional purposes at events like presentations and conferences. We have the skills and equipment to get the full range of applications exactly right.

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A Range of Services

We can provide everything from a basic stage flood for TV, to fully-intelligent moving light shows for concerts and outdoor fashion shows with special effects like molefays, strobing, ACLs and other effects.

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Outdoor Stages UK carry only the best in stage lighting equipment. This includes ETC Source 4s, Thomas PAR cans, Martin MACs to name a few.

stage lighting examples



All Angles Covered

Stage lighting is not just about the lighting - having the right outdoor rigging equipment is also of the utmost importance.

We carry a complete stock of outdoor rigging gear to get the equipment in the right place, be it a marquee, concert hall or even outdoors. We have a complete in-house stock of chain-blocks, motor hoists, 40cm box truss, lightweight tri-angle truss and slings.

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stage lighting


Quality Tested

All our outdoor rigging gear is tested at least every six months, which is over and above the current legislation around testing.

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